Label: Viva Recordings

Release date: 2019-05-03

Catalog number: VV9882

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Viva Recordings welcomes the Finnish producer Smok to the fold with “My Soul”, a stunning trio of deep house gems. Otherwise known as Juha Moisala, Smok hails from the exotic-sounding far north city of Oulu and has been active in Finlands house music scene since 2002. From clubber to DJ to producer, Smoks journey has found him recording for labels like Salted Music, DeepClass Records, Artizan Music, and Phat Elephant Recordings. Viva Recordings is just the latest stop on this emerging talents ascent.

My Soul opens the EP, announcing itself with a swinging, crisp four-on-the-floor rhythm. Gentle chords, a percolating bass line, and string swells plant the seed for the filtered and arpeggiated melody that drives this lovely tune. The following track, Chasing, features dramatic piano splashes and a chunkier balance of beat and bass. Its here to add a pensive but flowing flair to late night dance sessions. With the Stars closes the release on an even deeper note, hypnotizing with pulsing pads, deep subs, and a drum pattern accentuated with a clap that warmly hugs the stereo field. Smoks My Soul is exceptional, a deep EP for thoughtful floors.