Label: Viva Recordings

Release date: 2019-06-28

Catalog number: VV9884

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Brooklyns Eric Shans enters the Viva Recordings zone, accompanied by vocalist X Miss Ella. The duo have been working together for many years, Ellas melodies and vocal style blending perfectly with Erics musical creations. Inspired by new wave as well as techno and house music, the two have collaborated on material ranging from sultry synth pop to dark and dirty deep house floor chuggers.

Falling into the second category, Leather Sweater is an evocative late night club cut that adds a dose of mood and texture to a DJs set. X Miss Ella enchants with a mesmerizing vocal line as Erics deep foundation builds into acid line-fueled bliss. The crisp and intricate rhythms point the way forward and keep the nightclub in solid motion. Definitely one for the heads.

Los Angeles producer Tonally coming off remixes for the likes of Futurewife and Punks Jump Up takes things up a notch with a driving version that features pulsating, hypnotic synth pads and dramatic stabs. The vocal becomes mysterious, reversed and effected at points throughout the mix. The energy keeps building throughout a satisfying excursion.

Dubs for both mixes are also available to take the dance floor even deeper. So, lets see how you look in a Leather Sweater.