29 November 2012 Releases

12 Responses to “phentermine”

  1. Jay Tripwire says:

    Stellar!! I love all 3 cuts, I get the vibe form them they are pants optional songs.I love them so much I am going to make a paper machier Alland head and wear it when I play these tracks.

  2. Adnan Sharif says:

    As usual superb work from Mr Byallo

  3. Rick Preston says:

    Great EP!!!

  4. Romano Arcaini says:

    Great EP all around…. Strangely, Positively & Wanna Say are my top 2 picks for this release

  5. i like cheeseburgers. and viva.

  6. Joshua Iz says:

    More dopeness from Alland!

  7. Atnarko says:

    Nice Tracks , Support.

    Release date ?

  8. admin says:

    release date is next monday on the dec. 10th

  9. Halo says:

    Alland is the man nice job full support

  10. Jesus Pablo says:

    nice… whats release date… will support on radio shows / sets…

  11. admin says:

    release date is the 10th. this coming monday.

  12. Jon Lee says:

    Wicked Ep guys! Really digging all the tracks, but Strangely, Positively is def my fav!!